Welcome to 1920s Berlin!

Here there is freedom, life, lust! Come on in, join the restless crowd.

Sequinned dresses sparkle in the evening light and sultry melodies inspire riotous dancing. As the night goes on, everything dissolves into debauchery and excess. The brand-new show BERLIN BERLIN promises to immerse you in the exuberant world of the „Roaring Twenties“, revealing what drives this city of sin to ecstasy – then and now. Great stars such as the style icon Marlene Dietrich, the legendary entertainers of the Comedian Harmonists and the outrageously sexy dancer Josephine Baker tempt you to dance with the devil. A world premiere of pure seduction.

The night is worth a sin

BERLIN BERLIN throws itself into the vortex of dizzying times. True to the motto, “scandal has wings”, the charismatic emcee and 30-strong ensemble recount the story of a society teetering on the knife-edge between Jazz Age abandon and economic disaster. Sparks fly when the chorus line girls dance the Charleston and Lindy Hop and when hit numbers such as “Puttin’ on the Ritz”, “Ich bin von Kopf bis Fuß auf Liebe eingestellt”, “Mack the Knife” and “Bei mir bist du schön” electrify the auditorium.

Join us on a scintillating and seductive journey back in time to experience the thrills of the Roaring Twenties first-hand.


Impressions of the show

© Jens Hauer
© Jens Hauer
© Christian Kleiner
© Jens Hauer
© Jens Hauer
© Jens Hauer
© Jens Hauer
© Jens Hauer

BERLIN BERLIN is a sensation,
a fiery, thrilling spectacle that cannot be missed.
Go and see it – it’s infectious!


Presented by

Aldiana Artdeco